Thursday 18 August 2016

Done... nearly

Gradually printing off latest volume of print wonder. For some reason the publisher needs a hard copy as well as the digital format.
This has been a bit a bit of a slog as it didn't fall into place quite as easily as the NG book. Logically the sections were the same, but the RTR market washes a lot of the actual work away and I kept finding that things that I was going to make are available in resin or something. Anyway all done and I just have to collate all the physical bits together.

Monday 15 August 2016


Reading reviews is dangerous, but this one on Amazon made me smile. If I had one aim during all the work involved, it was to make this happen.

"As an 'armchair modeller' of many years standing I have to say that this book is truly inspiring and sees me finally building something! So many 'dark arts' are explained in simple yet entertaining terms and even an experienced modeller should learn something new in these pages.

Even if your interests don't include the narrower railway gauges this book will be an invaluable addition to your layout building 'toolkit' and is thoroughly recommended!"

Friday 12 August 2016

Svanda and Morton Stanley go west

Possibly a first. Two layouts - two photographers - for two magazines - both at the same time. Our thanks to the two gentlemen who worked non stop all morning to get it all done at a beautiful location.