Sunday 15 January 2023

Ballasting Rhiw 2

 As per usual the ballast is almost the last of the major items to complete. Always a joy and nothing unusual. The chips are dropped on dry and pushed into place with the finger tip before damping with a water spray and then dropping dilute PVA on. There are large areas to fill as by it's nature Rhiw 2 is largely trackbed of one sort or another. I decided that I'd use the standard method around the existing track and treat the rest as ordinary scenic covering. Incidentally, the two colours are Peco 'dirty' for the newly laid areas and a mix of 'dirty' and 'cinders' (even after panto) for the older exchange track. 

Friday 13 January 2023

January Blues

 Well, did you miss me? OK, don't answer that. With Daisy the cow retreating into the distance and the cold damp and dark reality of January weather upon us, I can sit back and do some modelling... except I haven't and I'm not. A combination of factors is at fault; momentum being one, not having Young Craig breathing down my neck is another and I've buried myself in other things. One of which is reassessing why I do this and what I want to achieve. Not surprisingly this is becoming age influenced and includes the shake down of first being long term self-employed, then employed for two years and finally the escape from a regular wage. This is all far too much for a bear of little brain to take in at once and there will be a hopefully short period of adjustment while I work out a direction of travel.

The above may be the only completed item since last I wrote here and is the long awaited 40+ year old Nu-Cast LBSCR Open A. Looking at this now I feel that the supplied sheet rail is not up to standard and should be replaced. The transfers are not perfect despite following the Modelmaster instructions of applying to a shiny surface and then coating with matt varnish. I can live with it. I now have two SR liveried wagons done with a third on the bench. Where this is going, I have no idea.

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