Thursday 31 January 2013

Chivers Kerr Stuart 2

 First point to note is that the kit has been shortened, i.e. there's no bunker. Second point is that I think the kit was part of the range that was designed to fit on the now obsolete Ibertren Cuckoo. This meant that the previous bit of work that I'd done on it was to open up the footplate to take a Fleishmann 0-4-0. This made it very flimsy so I got the cab sides on to stabilise, adding a plasicard sheet and a bit of 20thou strip.
The Chivers range has been the backbone of 009 modelling for years providing reasonably priced w/m kits to go on RTR chassis. They are not always fondly spoken of though, often being referred to as Chivers white metal blobs. Unkind, but they do need a fair bit of fettling to get to fit. The smokebox sits in a step down in the footplate while t'other end of the boiler hangs on a hook on the cab front. As can be seen above it has essence of dragster and an hour or so of careful filing was needed to get it to sit level.

Wednesday 30 January 2013


 I don't really buy into the whole New Year resolution game. However, something should be done so I'm sticking my head over the parapet and saying that 2013 will be the finish off year, I'm not buying anything else until 2014 unless it's bits to complete something.

There is a list: Svanda needs completing before  Croydon in October - that's only 37 weeks away. Sounds like ages doesn't it? There is the 7mm station building to do now as I'm in possession of umbrella guttering. And of course there is the Stroudley coach which only needs a couple of steps soldering on and painting. But that's a summer job really.

There are in my loft and in the desk drawers probably 40 unbuilt kits. I suspect this is not uncommon and more on this particular issue later. For now the top drawer and the tobacco tin which gets moved on an hourly basis. Inside are the parts to build some or all of a Sklark. I've been watching Mr. Campbell's build of this over on his blog. He however started with a new kit - this is someones shortened bash. I can't remember where it came from, but it's time it was shifted into being ready for Shepton maybe.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

The Joy of Sets

I eventually got around to watching the BBC Timeshift programme at two this morning. I'd avoided this before as I tend to get a bit squirmy when train set are discussed by ordinary people. However, my thoughts are that it was quite well handled. It deals with more of the early history of BL and Frank Hornby,the intertwining with their marketing, the shifting social history, pipes, short trousers and the change in relationship of the family.
No mention was made of parallel developments in other counties, only that BL sourced equipment in Germany pre-WW1. There was little about the current scene aside from interviews with Gordon and Maggie and a seemingly shaky I.A.Rice. The Waterman was wheeled out repeatedly as the acceptable face of the hobby (like he's typical...).
MR and BRM were represented, but surprisingly no PECO aside from clips ripped from their DVDs - Pritchard conservative reaction to being asked maybe? It would seem strange that as the market leader they wouldn't have been asked, so I can only assume that they threw the ball to the Gravetts.
Overall; pretty good and worth a look.

ps;  In reply to this I have been informed that Mr. Rice has Parkinson's. This is sad news to me as he's been such and inspiring writer over the years.

A further comment, and partly in response to Phil's reply. It struck me that the opening of the programme is about BL supplying the very rich with models and then how that changed with Tri-ang supplying the masses. Does the the inclusion of a millionaire record producer indicate a reversal of the trend?

Sunday 27 January 2013

Beds and Bucks open day

The 009 Society's Beds & Bucks Group open day - tiring but great fun. Well organised and well attended and a buzz in the room long before the doors opened. Tal-coed worked as well as could be expected and drew much favourable comment, which is always nice.

Saturday 26 January 2013

Tal-coed test

First show of the year and first test for Tal-coed's run out to Bedfordshire tomorrow. Couplings to re-attach, and when we get there strip Miles who is having  a non working day, but will probably recover.
This is the first bit of modelling for nearly two months...

Friday 25 January 2013

Neil Young

Amongst all the goodies in my Christmas stocking was this light piece of reading by the Goldrush poet Neil Young. What I wasn't expecting on page one was '... opening the sticky tape... Lionel switcher locomotive..'. Seems as though not only is the old Crosby Stills,Nash and Young guitarist a modeller, but is involved in the R&D of the company and has a financial stake. The Lionel connection is mentioned repeatedly and Bachmann (I presume) tacitly slagged.
I wouldn't say I recommend it as a jolly read, but this point indicates that muso/modeller link yet again.

Thursday 24 January 2013

Photos are back!

... and to mark this momentous occasion a shot taken at the impromptu shoot for Tal-coed's article in RM.
Mrs F grins bashfully while Andrew Burnam stands behind fiddling with his equipment.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Lynton and Barnstaple video

There are still issues regarding photo uploads here which are still not resolved hence the quietness of late. I really can't be bothered to go all around the houses to get a photo up here.
However Mr. Hill still can and poses an interesting NG loco query today. My money is on it being a Duetz, but I'm sure he'd like a concrete answer from someone who really knows what they are talking about.

In the meantime a bit of L&B footage which I'd not seen before and which is absolutely superb. Note the transhipment from the truck and the track lifting at the end.

Saturday 12 January 2013

Underground railway video

Caroline pointed me toward this as part of the Underground celebrations. Obviously delightfully dated, but...

Thursday 3 January 2013

Rucksacks at exhibitions

Shamelessly lifted from Steve's 3mm blog who obviously shares my dislike of rucksacks. These items should only be used when walking in the country and not to carry mummy-made sandwiches to exhibitions.

Happy New Year to you all.