Thursday 24 March 2016

Southern lineside huts

Now that the large scale buildings are done I can potter about with the smaller stuff for a while. First up was a couple of iconic pieces of SR kit. The fogman's hut came from Stig, is a Roxey w/m kit, and just needed a tidy and paint. The platelayer's hut is the Ratio plastic version and is lovely to put together bar one thing. I read the MRJ review from a few years back and agree with the criticism in that the end panels are a bit narrow. This means that the roof (which is OK) doesn't sit quite right. The pedantic could remove the central panel and replace with a wider bit of plain sheet to bring it out a bit.  I reckoned I could live with this so just tinkered with the roof by notching the bolt holes that were use for the lifting eyes. Few of these seem to exist without some modification, intended or otherwise, so I plated over three of the four windows. The example a mile from here (below) has ripped window frames, covered bolt notches and has been 'tagged' in blue aerosol so there is the opportunity to personalise which few modellers seem to do.

There are two huts in the pack and I'm tempted to have the other rail-mounted for delivery. This was done either with 15' SR flat wagons taking a hut and a tool hut, or ex LNER and LMS minerals with the bodies removed for a single hut.
I'm warming to all this SR stuff.

Sunday 20 March 2016


 The Cooksbridge shed now finished at last the gutters the last thing to get done. Plus some remedial work on NH's England loco which now runs...ish.

Friday 18 March 2016

Eggerbahn maintainance

 A strip clean and polish. It now runs better... but not much better.
 Almost at the end of this now. Glazing and roof fitting to do then the rainwater goods. This has been a research project as much as anything else. Although the prototype is standing it is much altered. Then yesterday the realisation that a similar shed is still extant at Angmering that would have answered many questions re interior. Late, too late. I've already guessed.
What is nice is having it perched on the scanner, the light drops though the rooflight and falls on the inside wall. Very atmospheric.

Thursday 10 March 2016

Roco loco fix

A week or so ago I jumped in to replace a dropped-out layout at a well known Southampton exhibition with Tal coed. The Friday night saw the usual last minute check of locos and a quick wheel clean. The Roco-based diesel Acapulco (think about it) that was originally built for the Edge/book project developed that clicking sound that tells you something is going to go badly wrong. Sure enough the power went, and on turning it over, the rear gear wheel had split.

Enter the power of the internet. I mentioned this problem on the NG forum. Five days later a very nice man from N. Wales gave me a pair of replacement wheelsets. Acapulco now lives again.
Thank you Mr. Taylor.

Monday 7 March 2016

Southern goods shed

I'm in the middle of one of those seemingly endless building projects namely a LBSCR goods shed. As of late the whole thing bar a few bits and bobs is Wills sheet. The further I go through it the more there is to do. The research takes time: at the moment I'm on the limited internals like a platform, but without period photos it's all conjecture - well it will be until it's done and some smartarse tells me it's all wrong. The main carcass is done though just doors and the thrilling roof to do.