Sunday 19 March 2023

Poster problems.


With half an eye turning back to some detailing on Rhiw, it was time to think about some posters for the platform (as per Mk1). The issue with modelling the early 1980s period was the proliferation of a certain late sex offender in almost all the imagery. At least one of these was used on Mk1 and was carefully avoided in the RM photos as was the graffitied 'Maggie out' scrawled on the industrial unit wall. The problem with representing history, is that there are certain members of society who can only judge these things through the prism of now and cannot accept that political graffiti and the elevation of known offenders to national treasure status was once a way of life. I hesitated in doing a search for JS rail posters, but luckily they all seem to be owned by Getty and have their logo stamped across them rendering them unusable. Therefore it seems that I am limited to IC125s and delightfully PC shots such as the above.

Thursday 16 March 2023

Dury's Gap running

 In a effort to take stock, I ran a few things around Dury's Gap. All went well and I note that the motive power for this now numbers five; not something that I particularly planed, but a bit of a Topsy situation. It was originally designed to be a 'one-lift'/one day exhibition layout to fit on a table in the same way that its predecessor Morton Stanley had done. The reality is that outside factors meant that it has only appeared twice at local events before the 2020 lockdowns and there is nothing in the book for it in the foreseeable future. Though it is lined up to appear in RM at some point.

This throws up a couple of questions: firstly is it worth retaining it to fulfil its original purpose, or is it past it's sell by date? Secondly, as I quite like it, would it be worth converting it to act as the start-point of a home system?  This would be quite final as it would mean hacking away the box structure and therefore rendering it less exhibitable; or rather, non-exhibitable.

Monday 13 March 2023


 Well that's it done, Rhiw Mk 2's debut; and of course its final showing. To this end I was half tempted to take the offer of a sale halfway through the day.

There was much chatting with old friends. The old being important as I noted that with lockdowns stealing two years I hadn't seen many for  quite a while and everyone seemed, well.... older, limping, greyer. Although, as can be glimpsed here there were some very young attendees, the overriding age was not just 50+, but 70+. And although I don't fully drop into the gloom-ridden spiel of some, the signs are there that all is not well on the exhibition circuit and age may well be a factor. I may expand on this later.

Highlights for me were Alan Monk's  Czech  TT micro and Charlie Fox-Wilson's On30, both proving thought provoking, and the diorama from Giles' caught my eye as it echoed the possible direction of the next project. Note that its possible to spot parts from Airfix kits in most of his work.

Thursday 9 March 2023

Rhiw exhibition Sunday

Set up and test. All fairly glitch-less. 
If you are coming to the show, it has just become apparent that there are road closures on the A27 at Lancing which may affect your route. Travel from the A23/Henfield from the east or the A24 and Washington from the West. Southern approaches may best be avoided.


Saturday 4 March 2023

Rhiw: first exhibition

A week away from the debut (and technically last showing) of Rhiw Mk2. It's more or less done, although there are quite a few detailing bits to do as is always the case at this point in the proceedings. Note that this is a SUNDAY exhibition. As I understand it this is due to the draconian parking charges put in place by Horsham District Council. Probably the same decision making body that is trying to boost visitor numbers to the area; and is the reason why Horsham is at the very bottom of my list of places to go for the day in the county; but I digress.  As I understand it there will be the usual mix of slightly unusual layouts attending, and most being of the smaller easy-to-fit-in-a-home variety. It's a modeller's show.
It would be good to see you.


Wednesday 1 March 2023

Svanda in Continental Modeller

So overwhelmed was I with John Crane's D&HLR article in this month's Continental Modeller that I completely missed the plug for Code 100 track the page before, featuring Svanda. That was until the eagle-eyed Mr. Hill pointed it out. At least Steve Haynes has got the billing at the foot correct. Though with my ex-Peco proof-reader head back on, I think 'clips' should be slips. Another good reason to rush out out and buy a copy.

Just when you think the Norwegian layout is sleeping, it pings up again. It really is due for an upgrade and a relaunch. Show invites for it anyone?

If you've enjoyed this rambling rubbish, show the love and splash out on an Americano for a starving muso.