Sunday 20 September 2009

Hornby VDA.

Hornby VDA

Hornby VDA van
The first small project for the proposed new 'modern image' layout. The out-of-the-box Hornby wagon is a little too high. Here it is at the first stage having been lowered by a couple of millimetres. This done by grinding the top of the trucks down until there was nothing left holding the central pivot, then welding the whole lot back in place with solvent as square as I could get it.

The roof
There is also what looks like a fan moulding in a central position on the roof that doesn't appear in any of the prototype photos that I could find, so off it came with a 'wet-and-dry' stick; the roof-rib being replaced with some plastic strip.

The ends
All the photos also showed the van ends in Railfreight Red, whereas the Hornby ends are left in grey. Red is a pain. Whatever make of paint you use, won't cover.  This had had two coats and still looked awful.

Hornby VDA

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