Monday, 21 September 2009

Petrol station on Wood End.

Wood End 009 scale layout

Wood End petrol station
Scary to think that this was built 10 years ago. This was the tiny filling station based on the one still standing at Rodmell in Sussex. Rather disappointingly a photo of this never appeared in the RM article in 2004. All that remains is this snap probably taken in 2002 and scanned in on a slightly problematic scanner, hence the hazy reproduction.

Using kit parts
The basis of the model is a Wills greenhouse kit, the parts of which were used for the brickwork and the window frames. As can be seen there are no pumps as we know them although there are/were on the protoype building. A lovely book called 'Oil on the Line' remarked that many early rural petrol stations dispensed fuel from cans, pumps coming in bit by bit in later years. So that's how we left it. It was this small corner which tipped the balance to gain us the Reinier Hendriksen award for Wood End at ExpoNG that year.

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