Wednesday 21 October 2009

Garn Station Building

Garn 009 Station Building
Garn 009 Station Building
The more I move on and the older I get I realise that I get most satisfaction from the things I make myself. The huge range of commercial items is all well and good, but...
This is a case in point. The original structures on Wood End were built from card blocks. So well was this received that I did it again for Garn. There is a longer story, but not for here. The 'station building' on WE was never finished, and still isn't by all accounts; the Garn structure however did get done. It's the same Corris design built from 4mm x 1mm card blocks (from the backs of refill pads) laid one at a time. The rest is a mix of brick-paper wood strip and coffee stirrers. With paper slates.
I like doing things like this; it's proper modelling.

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