Wednesday 14 April 2010

Fiddle yard for Garn

Garn fiddle yard A fiddle yard for Garn
It occurred to me that Garn has two shows this year and I really should tidy a few things up. It has been recounted earlier that the whole thing was thrown together in odd circumstances, originally being front operated, but then for some reason not. The set up is a pick up and go lash-up to sit on a standard trestle table. The FY is a case in point; built in a hour out of scrap bits of MDF from under the spare bed, measuring just 2'6"x 6" in plan with some redundant Peco points.

It has been taken out back to front, so I thought it best to reverse this by moving the back wall to the audience side. The thing with FYs is how much to leave on show. I tend to go for fairly open for ease of access with enough going on around the perimeter to avoid the stock falling off. To this end there will be an end-board added to the left of this shot.

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