Sunday, 13 June 2010


Set Garn up today to try and do a little tidy-up work pre-Amberley. While raking around in the loft for a few bits I came across this. Built, but never completed around the same time as Wood End from a Meridian Models Ashover coach and a Lifelike GP 18 mech. It didn't figure on the roster for the complete U-shaped layout as the clearences were a bit tight. The bridge exit on Garn however was built to accommodate it... but still it languishes unloved.
Noted that the current RM article on the Ashover doesn't mention this kit.


  1. They did mention the kit, just put it as Mercian rather than Meridian least they got the alliteration right I suppose!

  2. Ahh, i did wonder if that's what had happened, but not very familiar with the Mercian ranges so thought that it was just an oversight.