Saturday 10 July 2010


A trio of shots from today at Amberley where 'Garn' has been showing itself in the 'Hove Booking Office'. The first shot is of the Groudle Glen railway Polar Bear. This surely needs a caption... suggestions?
The bottom two are of Garn's Falcon 'Miles'. A mix of Chivers kit and scratch plasticard on a cuckoo chassis.
Lots of people came and said hello including two of the bloggers on the list to your right and a lovely chap who has been inspired to build buildings from individual card slabs... fool.
One of the Sussex Down Group demolished the Garn's facia; he will remain nameless but looks like Phil Savage. And while on the subject of all my old friends in the SDG: Tim complained about this blog site for not having the information he required about Garn.


  1. Blogger now allows some "fixed" pages, useful if you want to put up static information about a layout!

    Good to see you Saturday.