Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Rhiw baseboards

A baseboard building day.

After having cut the tops for the two main boards for Rhiw, I laid them end to end with the already built FY board. I checked the length to make sure I hadn't mis-heard myself... 11'. Eleven. I sat for a while taking in the expanse of MDF. Eleven.

Thoughts crossed my mind of GWR branch termini or even a Minories type set-up that would fit in that space, a space that would hold only the two planned points. That makes even Ian Futer's layouts look busy. I wavered slightly. Eleven feet. It's a lot of space when you've just come out of two days with a metre of 009.

Mrs. F. came in. 'What are you doing?'
'Pondering. It's huge. Where's it going to go?'
'In Craig's room.' ( I have to add that Craig is my stepson who has occupied said room for no more than two nights, but has gained verbal ownership.)
'I'm not so sure now.'
'Oh stop your squinnying and get on with it.'

I'm not sure if this counts as support or domestic bullying...

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