Monday 13 September 2010

Worthing Model Railway Exhibition 2

Overall a very good weekend. Garn behaved almost faultlessly with zero derailments except me knocking things off with the coupling hook. Lots of chat with old friends, and despite the impression that there weren't too many people attending, I think that the general reaction from Worthing MRC was that it was a sucessful event.

Points of interest were Les Coleman's tiny French scene, Charlie Bennedeto's O-16.5 terminus and Pete Bossom's wonderful East Sussex scene in 3mm (I didn't take photos, but Mike Campbell did, so pop over to his blog). There was also an EWS based layout in OO which almost replicated the Rhiw plan that is on the workbench at present. This, while having nothing wrong with it, underlined what I don't want to do - slightly crowded and possibly a little bright. Rhiw has a pencilled invite for the same show next year, so I may eat my words. That it if it gets built in time... nothing like a deadline to focus the mind. We'll see.

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