Friday 3 December 2010

Art of Compromise 2

Shortly after the posting of the Art of the Compromise post (below) there followed an email and then a hour long phone call from Christopher Payne on the merits or not of the plan and how it would be altered. This would be in any other situation be called time wasting (and indeed I was accused of that later on) but it did throw up a couple of possible changes.

The main problem is the lack of width in the goods yard - we questioned the ability of carts to be turned - and the fact that passenger trains, especially if they are autos only just enter the scene rather than travelling through it. Below is CP's sketch of these alterations keeping the same feel and overall dimensions: Flipped, entry from opposite end and yard now at front so to make it 'infinite'. We also questioned the relative size of the goods shed (This was to allow for the use of the Prototype Models kit) This has been reduced to something more in keeping. My suggestion would by something in the order of the New Radnor shed featured in the September RM.Art of Compromise
Art of Compromise And to compare with the original...

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  1. Having long been captivated and inspired by the good old "Art of Compromise" (well since October 1978 anyway...) I was wondering whether you have a slightly larger res version of CP's sketch above? It's beautifully drawn but slightly too fuzzy to read the small print!

    Regards, Nick.