Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Golden Valley Railway

Golden Valley Railway
There has been an enormous amount of correspondence via email in the last few days (do this via profile link on your right). Conclusions seem to be that the Link plan outstrips the Rice in terms of cleanliness - the Rice tries to cram too much of the prototype in. Mr. Payne's revision has got a general thumbs up as a way of improving. It will be interesting to see if any of these get built in the near future.

There has also been a drift toward GWR welsh and 'light' lines as a related subject a taster sent to me is a part of this. It's an absolutely delightful photo and one which could be adapted to the Link/Payne plan with the loop beyond the platform (note the disused/overgrown platform on the left). this is almost the ultimate branch line scene.
There will be less here for a while due to 'other stuff' happening and I have a bridge to build.
In the meantime here's some music...

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