Sunday 27 February 2011

Eurotrack model railway exhibition

Cracking weekend at Eastleigh. Garn behaved very well, which always surprises me, and was flooded with exhibition enquiries. Good company in our corner of the hall with John Thorne providing help and Red-ex, and Keith Harcourt providing entertainment and P4.Garn 009 layout Nigel was on hand through most of the weekend (as pictured here) even though he was supposed to be wearing his Scandinavian Railway Society chairman's hat.
Garn 009 layout Only purchases of the weekend were pizzas and a non-DCC Bachmann Class 25 for Rhiw. I just checked on its suitability... only just... 25 054 - withdrawn 1985. Lucky. I know if it was wrong by a couple of years some spotty little oik with a hat full of badges would make a point of telling me so.

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