Saturday, 26 March 2011

I never need to buy anything again.

A few years ago I cleared out a lot of the modelling stuff and moved most of it into three large boxes. That to some people may be quite a small amount. Indeed there is one chap I know with a whole room full of Scandinavian RTR in boxes. These three boxes are stashed in the eaves and only pulled out when there is a major layout building in process.

I'd rummaged through these boxes in the last couple of weeks to find bits and pieces for Rhiw (Rhew Deri) and made a mental note to sort through it all.

I won't list all the things I found, but I sat on the bed and pondered that apart from buying 'filler' materials like plasticard and glue et al, I could spend a least a decade just modelling from what's in the boxes. The above is the built stock from Froxington , the EM chassis for a GER Y6 and a 5.5mm scale 40HP Kerr Stuart. This from one ice cream tub and one marge tub. Maybe I'll rebuild Froxington one day, or maybe I'll take the spud drives from the locos and fit them to the tram kits that I moved upteen time in a hour.

There is much to do and much to do it with. Rhiw has had more cash spent on it than any other project in recent history and quite frankly I wonder why when I have enough to do from these three boxes.


  1. I have the same feeling when I look at my stash of bits. Doesn't stop my buying stuff though as new projects always look a lot appealing than the ones you already have.

  2. But we rarely clear the debris do we... just in case.