Monday, 28 March 2011

Rhiw Passenger service

After three days of cutting card and getting stringy UHU all over my hands the asphalt is down. To my narrow gauge eyes it looks bloody huge, but fits the spec for a modern easy-access platform.Rhiw Passenger service OO gauge model railway Basically a Superquick kit construction: card strips to form an egg box type base, Slater's brick sheet unpainted with a wash of cream acrylic (about all its good for as the coverage is lousy) to highlight the courses and give a modern mass-produced brick feel, card top covered with some 'wet and dry' that I found in the shed and edging from copier paper with pencil marks. The wet and dry initially looked too black, but as I smoothed it down it reverted back to its proper use and took a layer of skin off my fingertips. Ta da! Nice grey tarmac-y finish. You can't have bad luck every day.

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