Thursday, 3 March 2011

S gauge thoughts

As it says in the blurb to your right, I tend to wander around a bit when it comes to scales. Not surprising then that late last summer I sent off a couple of quid to join the S Scale Society. This more out of curiosity as much as anything else. I'd always drooled over Jas Millam's stuff and there is a notorious photo of me impersonating the Dali Lama while examining Robin Fielding's layout at Uckfield a few years back.

First thoughts are this: S is not a layout builder's scale. There aren't too many of them. There aren't too many members either - 108 including self. The magazine is not the glossy periodical that I've been used to with the 009 Society, but then this is a numbers game - the 009 mob have tenfold the membership so that's possibly a little unfair. Is this a scale that I want to persue or am I just trying to find a middle ground between 4mm and 7mm where the pickings are richer? I like building things, but I do want to see an end result before I get wheeled off to the nursing home. I don't want to be one of those people who is always building the layout; the one that never gets finished. The jury is still out.


  1. S scale always appealed to me to. I just can't do the imperial measurements required. Your point about it not being a layout builders scale is true - I can only think of 3 I've seen of any size and all of them took decades to produce.

  2. It's more or less 4.76mm and 22.5mm gauge. Which when you say it like that makes it no more complicated that f/s OO.
    There are a surprising amount of wagon kits available and some pricy coaches. You only have to see what Steve Rabone has done in a shortish time from the articles in RM and his sticking S gauge wheels onto Arfix 4F tender drives. It's possible.