Monday 2 May 2011

Ballast for Rhiw

Usually at this point I get all arty and start making trees and the like. Not here. This is a different beast; it's more like gardening. What I'm aiming for is wasteland. The track was ballasted in the normal manner, laid dry and dilute PVA dropped on via a syringe. It's been done in visually different sections: the 'main line' in reasonably clean magnesium chips knocked down with a little ash, the 'new relaid' crossover in pure magnesium and the exchange siding and head shunt in declining quality weeds and dross. The in between bit below where the track is lifted is a mix of tea leaves, ash and green foam.Ballast for Rhiw By the time we get down to where the loco stands at the end of the exchange headshunt it gets really shitty. I've used two types of ash: the first is from my grandfather's apple tree which is a beautiful chocolate colour and running out fast, the other the standard rubbish which is from beech, ash and pallet-wood which is 'orrible grey and lightweight. the below is mainly this and coal dust. Yes I know Class 37s don't use coal, but the result is the dirty-greasy slime that happens at engine stands. This is still drying and needs tidying up yet.

Ballast for Rhiw Still not sure about the PECO track.

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