Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rhiw - The first offence

Sat listening to a mis-named CD. Credited as Wynton Marsalis, but should be Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers... Wynton sells more units than Blakey.

Yesterday I managed to plug on with the arse-end of Rhiw: the industrial unit finished off with some nice square section plastic drainpipes, a little subtle mid 80s graffiti, and an 8' security fence courtesy of Knightwing, which isn't just plain sections as I'd hoped, but a predetermined set of fence and gate combination, so a bit of surgery was called for. Followed by painting with surprisingly three colours: sea grey, metalic and some of that crappy olive green that I had so much bother with on the Spitfire project.

Today I need to attack the fencing atop the wall. Never before have I used so many commercial items on a layout.


  1. I reckon that it is more difficult (when modelling the modern era) to get away without using commercial products to represent uniform, mass-produced items like fencing, etc.
    One reason why quite a lot of the "ready to plonk" stuff disappoints is that it often isn't uniform enough!

  2. For the time I spent 'working on' this bit of fencing I kept thinking of the finger at eastbourne. Still got the photos?