Saturday 16 July 2011

British Leyland switch

The plan was to mount a switch at the front of the layout to activate the isolating section on the headshunt - so far so good. Problem 1: the barrel of said switch is less than two thicknesses of mdf.

To solve this I decided to drill a 14mm hole through the first layer then a 10mm one through the second giving a lip to attach to. You can guess the next bit. that I had a 14mm hole all the way through....

I had to drill a 10mm hole in a further piece of mdf, attach the switch and glue and clamp the whole lot to the back of the board. This does have a slight positive in that the switch is further in, so less vulnerable to knocks. When I read custom car mags in my teens this sinking of switches used to be called 'Frenching'. This probably means sticking something in somebodys arse these days.

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