Sunday, 28 August 2011

009 Bagnall?

Now I've cleared the Rhiw work, it's time to clear some of those half started projects. Working on the principle that on an 009 layout there are never enough locos I started this.009 Bagnall kit bash It began life as a Chivers Bagnall (it is pictured elsewhere on the other pages) that hit the deck and came away with a busted cab. Thus this is a little bit of the Irishman on the horse - 'If I wanted to go there, I wouldn't start from here.'
It is what a friend of mine would call a 'styrene bash' - RTR chassis (Ibertren Cuckoo) commercial tank moulding and plastic. Happy with the footplate, and spectacle, but yesterdays work on the cabside will be replaced as I think the cab cut-out is too big in the cold light of day.

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