Sunday 14 August 2011

Parliamentary coach

I can't remember if I've put this here before, but seeing as I was sorting through the Froxington stock I thought I take a quick snap.Parliamentary coach Firstly, it ain't a cattle wagon. Quite a few years ago Paul Towers produced drawings (for MRN I think) of Parliamentary coaches. Secondly I have always had a hankering to produce an 'early' railway, that is, pre 1860. Not quite to Sharman lengths, but one which shows stock like this running to and from a station - short 4w stock and 2-2-2 and 0-4-0 tender locos; Burys etc.
This was the trial run - a London & Dover carriage. Built from plasicard and solebars from a Ratio chassis kit while I was living in a shed in Seaton. The glazing is my addition, but without it does scream cattle, but then of course as far as the railways were concerned this is what this class was. The next time you moan about Ryanair, think Parliamentary class.

For the unknowing, parliamentary coaches were a reaction to the then government's instruction that the railways would have to cater for ALL classes, and provide accommodation for the poor. This is now called National Express.

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