Monday, 12 September 2011

009 Greenwich couplings

Susan needed a coupling on the rear (that should up the search results), but a check in the box revealed none made up. A new batch to be built.009 Greenwich couplings Since Wood End was built in 1999 I've settled on the 'Greenwich' for 009 use. By far the simplest and best designed of the etchy brass type. Tools required: one Stanley knife for removing from the fret and a small pair of pliers. The main body needs two bends to get the buffing face up and three tweeks to curve it slightly and make the hook more hooky.

009 Greenwich couplings I tend to batch build and create five pairs from the ten supplied: five hooks only and five with loops. The only fiddly bit is getting the small 'ears' that act as the hinge, bent tight enough to the body and getting the supplied PECO track pin through four holes at the same time. A small amount of adjustment, and the result of a freely operating loop. I don't know who actually designed the fret, but it's a damn fine effort producing a cheap and reliable Bemo replacement that can be worked with or without the available magnets or simply adapted for delayed use as per CP's 09 scale Brink Valley Tramway. If you work in one of the smaller narrow gauge scales or even 3mm/TT they're well worth a try.

Greenwich couplings are available direct or from Parkside Dundas.

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