Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Clockwork Bagnall

Trawling through the archive of prints turned up these out of a set of four or five. As this is a bit of a Bagnall season. This is the 240 Bagnall Polar Bear as seen, I think, after its basic restoration. Taken at Amberley Museum at least a decade ago.Bagnall Polar Bear Looking at the photos it's interesting to see how much the site has changed. This shot of Martin Smith with key, out side of what (then)was one of the two small loco sheds.

Bagnall Polar Bear These are tiny locos and this is worth bearing in mind for anyone modelling the loco's home Groudle Glen's 2' line or the Rye and Camber's 3' as the locos were fairly similar in shape and size.


  1. I've long wanted to do a Groudle Railway but the steam locos are so tiny it would be a nightmare. Those pony wheels are only 9 inches in diameter !

  2. There has been to my knowledge two layouts built around this theme, both by Laurie Cooksey. The first the R&C in 5.5mm scale with pro-built locos and Fairlight Glen in 7mm wich was closely inspired by the GG line.