Friday, 9 September 2011

Exhibiting Rhiw

Exhibiting Rhiw To the Worthing MRC show this weekend and Rhiw's debut exhibition

I spent a large portion of yesterday setting up and running it and trying to iron out a couple of bugs. One of which was one of the MDVs falling off under the bridge (where else?) I think I've cured it by squeezing the point blade into the stock rail as it looked a fag paper further out than it should. But why does everything else with the same wheels and back to back run through OK?

If you're old enough you'll remember the Tri-ang wagon axles that protruded through the axlebox and had a wheel and long tube moulding that revolved on the axle. How everyone cheered when pinpointing became the norm. Well yesterday I stuck little bits of foam under the axles of alternate wagons to stop them bouncing around and make them act like real thirty tons of metal. The running now is... well Tri-ang-ish.

So if you are near the south coast over the weekend and fancy watching all the fun, do pop in and say I sent you. You could even tie it up with a visit to Gaugemaster who will be seving tea and cakes all day.

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