Friday, 2 December 2011

More paint and other stuff.

There's been more work on the everlasting brake van, basically getting the second side done and the handrails, then painting the inside to kill the white in Humbrol 31 enamel which by its age and the colour makes me suspect it was bought to aide the Luftwaffe. This was partly a trial in conjunction with the post below. Result: dried paint, revived with a little thinners and stirred - impossible to use otherwise. And I had to open the windows as after a while the smell gets to me, even worse than solvent which I'm quite happy to bathe in - it being cheaper to get than asses milk here in Sussex.

The stir thing seems to split. The two gentlemen at Warley said stir. The two below say not. Iain Rice says not. On the tin it says 'SHAKE THEN STIR WELL' in red caps. So I'm glad to announce that this is the new Marmite - some do, some don't. CF confused.

Other stuff: doing my best to measure (from angled photos) and draw to 3.5mm the derelict boat house for 'Svanda'. This is the next job - probably start today. A mix of card plastic and matches me thinks; the matches to set light to it when it goes wrong of course.

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