Tuesday, 20 March 2012

To the (Dolgoch water) tower

I muttered about watertowers to Nigel who's on a roll now. He wandered off with a 7mm drawing and the last of the scraps from the cottage kit. 24 hours later he returned with this. Not a guy who's happy building a whole layout, but for something exquisite from plastic waste... It pays to get the pro's in.


  1. That's bloomin' exquisite!
    I've made one of the Stenning kits in the past and while it's very nice, this will blend in with the rest of your stonework...mind you, what's the betting you get asked if it's been built from the kit?

  2. A lovely model. You can see the enjoyment in building something small and manageable like this, and I am also one of those folk who prefer building structures rather than layouts!