Monday, 30 April 2012

Tal-coed sign

Tal-coed sign 009
Strolled up to the Epsom and Ewell show yesterday afternoon, always worth a visit. The standard as always was very high - layouts that would have been drooled over anywhere else were passed by in favour of something better. The main reason for the visit was to see East Grinstead Town Ian White's successor to Rowfant Grange, though time was taken to exchange insults with Steve Driscoll and Richard Preece who were operating Masham next door. The rucksack count was high as was the amount of midgets carrying 'step-ups', but notwithstanding the bruised shins that these caused it's a damn good show.

Shopping included Russell's GWR Locomotives Vol 1 for an unresistable price, some wheels and the above to fix to the new 009. I got this for nothing, pulling in a favour owed from the middle of last year straining my bollocks helping lift a motorcycle. Basically it's a wrapped piece of 1/4" plastic with laptop generated lettering. The gentleman in question was rushed off his feet producing replica station totem signs about two feet long for a bit over twenty quid. Judging by the queues at the last couple of shows that he's been at, this is a bargain price. No web site, but ,

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