Sunday, 27 May 2012

Aylesbury and Brewhouse Quay chain shunting

A bit of a disastrous day all round; a near miss, the Magna Carta, a kebab, no pubs and too much M25. The show was umm... probably OK on another day.

Inkerman Street was a bit disappointing. We bumped into Stig on the way out - he felt the same  and suggested that it was because it wasn't in Wild Swan black and white. The same sort of thing could be applied to the Mini MSW, which loses some of its effect in the fact that you can see all the way round in your field of vision. However I found the opposite with Brewhouse Quay which is for all intents and purposes a photographic backdrop for stock built by a photographer which works beautifully. Though I though it takes a brave man to try rope shunting in 4mm on a two day show (There will be video soon).That and Canada Road get my votes for the show.

Rucksack count was high - always a thumbs down for me, but the catering got 10. The rucksack count is very much a ratio game: the more people are encouraged to take public transport and the more 'finescale' a show is, the bags increase.

Would I go again? Probably not. It's in that grey area of distance between leaving very early and avoiding the traffic, and being just round the corner. Meaning you have to take the long pretty route or spend four hours on the motorway for a two hour trip round a hall.

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