Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thornycroft 3

All done bar the cab supports, bumper bar and the paint. The box art shows a dreadful step between the roof and the cab sides that is strangely absent in the prototype photos (BTW thanks to those who offered help with these) so I added a length of 10x20 thou strip to even up. This jars in the photo, but doesn't notice so much on the real thing. The roof is still loose to aid painting.
Not a kit I'd rush out and build again. As I said below the parts are very brittle and although it fits together OK it lacks a certain something.

I had a email this morning from local lad 'Dumpman'. Chris specialises in trackbed and tunnel films. The email this morning was about his new IOW series. For more on this nutcase that rides trackbeds on a 1970s Chopper with a video camera...

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