Monday 4 June 2012

Hayling Billy

Nigel sent me this this today, and no I don't think I'd seen this one. Full trip survey, and look out for the camera on the line shot. As this is really the classic branch terminus operation it's worth looking to see what actually happened rather than some pre-determined modellers idea of operation. This is not a nicely arrange sequence of moves to please us or an audience, but a system for getting the most done in the least amount of time. Note the fireman's fag and the bucket of water.
This really underlines my bugbear of... lets say middleclass office worker modellers who've never done a manual job creating a scene that is unrealistic, because it is badly observed and designed with a mindset which has no experience of the task.
Oh and you might be advised to watch with the sound off.


  1. I assume the water was to keep the coal dust down? The brisk pace that the branch train entered the terminus was quite noticeable and I suspect that nowadays people would get themselves mangled in those crossing gates!
    Nice mixture on the passenger train: LB&SCR loco/SR corridor brake coach/BR non-corridor 3rd(?).......

  2. That's what I thought re the water. The coaches however are always a mystery for me.