Thursday 9 August 2012

Gen xi

NSB generator van
I've just been informed that it's 20 weeks 'till Christmas. Start making lists boys.

There's a fair bit of work to do yet, but the side is more or less done. It's a strange looking piece of kit, and proves the 'prototype for everything' rule, as well as giving weight to all those dreadful 009 kit-bashes that only 009-ers and the committee of the 7mm NGA seem to do. Now I have to take a bit more plastic from the floor of the van body to 'sit' the side. Then a light coat of paint to draw it together a little. Observant viewers will note that I've only done one side. This is deliberate. Pointless doing both as 1. I'm not a fish and can only see one side, 2. using the original keeps the whole thing square and rigid. Do keep up 5C...

Now to hang the washing out.

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