Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Post show wake up

Just about recovered from the weekend. People complain about how tiring exhibitions are - try working before and after one. Things have slowed slightly now and back to Daddy's latest budget Spit.
This is the pack version and labelled Daily Mail. Well you wouldn't get the Guardian giving away Airfix kits would you? However I can make a direct comparison with the last one and give a warning. You get paint, glue and a brush. The paint is greasy and sub-standard acrylic and is supposed to be Humbrol. I tried it on the prop, but gave up and used the normal stuff. The other saver is the transfer sheet. Those with a long memory will recall that I was amazed by the amount of transfers in the Spit kit... not this box. Annoyingly they have dished out the same squadron markings, but all the wing markings are absent. You just get the roundels and lettering. So even at this stage, if I was reviewing this, I'd say go for the standard Mk 1 kit and not the pack. You'll save on buying a couple of tins of paint, but you'll get a less finished and less classy model.

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  1. Ah yes, the Monday and Tuesday mornings after spending all weekend at a show. Deep joy...