Thursday, 20 September 2012


Spit kit done. There was some discussion with Lord Crawley about what to do about the same squadron markings being that the old man already has DW *K stuffed and mounted from the previous kit. I could have got hold of some more markings, but it hardly seemed worth it for a free kit. The afore mentioned Lord Crawley came up with the Arfix stand from the spares box. to create an 'in air' model. Why do the current kits not come with this useful bit of gear? If memory serves there were two or three sizes of the design for different size aircraft. The alternative was to give him the built kit, some cotton and drawing pin.
As I said below the 'Pack' version of the kit with paint etc. is not as good. The paint is a waste of time, the plastic seems to be of a slightly lower grade and the transfer sheet is less comprehensive. Having said that if you can pick one up at a budget price ( I've seen them in the Works for £2.99) then throw the paint away and upgrade it.

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