Monday 15 October 2012

7mm station build/Croydon exhibition

7mm station build/Croydon exhibition

A long weekend, one in which I got lightly reprimanded for not mentioning the Croydon show which is where I've been all weekend. Sometimes things get a bit too busy.

To summarise: last week's modelling consists of the above which is the basic carcass for the station building for the 7mm NG project - three walls done, the front is underway. Unnycoombe went to Croydon. Not so many children as Fareham the week before, but proof that 'care in the community' is working well. The layout behaved as well as could be expected for N gauge, nice show, pencilled in for next year. favourite layout for me was Andy Cundick's Tallyllyn Road with Andy Shillito's Wantage a close second.

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