Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rails in the Fells

Last Sunday a trip to Tunbridge Wells with Mrs. F.
There's a s/h bookshop cum craft shop in the Pantiles which we usually wander into that has quite a sizable rail section. Browsing among all the John Scott Morgan titles I found something I've been looking for for years: David Jenkinson's Rails in the Fells. Published by PECO in 1973 it appeared on lists in RM when I was growing up and then was referenced in so many articles on the S&C, by which time it had slipped out of print. Easy to do internet searches I know, but I'm old fashioned and I like to find and feel a book before I buy. This therefore cost me a fiver... only two quid more than the cover price.
Now I just need to find Vivian Thompson's Period Model Buildings.

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  1. I've got both of these. Rails in the Fells is excellent. Lots of plans and drawings.