Wednesday 27 March 2013


What I know about Land Rovers you can write on the back of a stamp. Notwithstanding I think this is a Series 1 (I'm sure Richard or ICR will tell me). Anyway it's a very plasticy Wiking HO model that arrived from Crawley in red with a badly thought out rear end that would have needed cutting about to get it to look right.
Those who know me know that I hate twee cameos of the 'car crash' or 'flashing light roadworks' type on layouts. What I do like is one or two things tucked away in the background that catch the eye on second viewing. This is one of those. When someone mentioned a log-cutting scene under the trees on Svanda the Land Rover was produced from the trouser pocket.
So. One Land Rover painted Humbrol 30 with a bit of white, red and earth to taste, some offcuts of Hebe and a scratch-built chainsaw tossed on top. I reckon it needs a small winch on the front... I can wait.

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  1. As a recovering Land Rover owner, this immediately caught my eye. I like the colour scheme and it captures the "Landy" vibe. Purists will have a snipe at the windscreen, should be split etc but leave them to their Kafka-esque ramblings. I love the idea of this being produced from the trouser pocket...pure "Boy's Own Annual" stuff!