Monday, 11 March 2013

Railway layout for an MX5 boot

 There was a fair bit of email chat after the elderly gentleman post
culminating in what would it be possible to get in Miles' as yet un-purchased mini. I pointed out that I knew a bass player that drove one and carried a sizable Trace Elliot combo and a bass in a flight case in one, which to my mind makes it almost barn like. I did get slapped down when I suggested that a better design study would to see what could be got in the boot of a Mk 2 MX5. This being picked as it's Mrs. F's commute to work machine and I have one to play with.
It is surprisingly large, the main problem being depth which drops from 10.5"- 9" front to rear. The floor, at it's extremes, measures at 53"x 22" However it does get a bit skinny at the edges.
The other consideration is the size of the opening which comes out at 37". Taking all this together there is a possible layout footprint of either 35x14" or, because of wheel arches 12x 37" x no more than 9" high. Could a stacking folding layout be taken down to 9" o/a? Noting that there would still be room for my small toolbox and stock etc around the sides.

So dear reader here's the competition. Design an operating layout for 00 to fit the 36x12 comfortable size, not just a track plan, and with backscene, with some sort of support system to fit in the MX5's boot. My email is via the profile link. There will be a prize for the most daring.

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