Friday, 8 March 2013


It was pointed out some time ago that I mentioned on every build post that so and so '...came from the scrapbox.' The implication was that there must be a huge crate with spare parts available.
 Well I'm afraid not. The above shows that this highly useful bit of my toolkit is no more than a standard size marge tub, the contents of which are ever changing. For the sprue spotters amongst you there is most of a Kielkraft bus (more on that at a later date) the tilt from a Merit lorry, a loco cab and a mountain of indiscernible bits.
Basically anything that is sub two inches and which may have some use as a construction item, or at the very least packing, goes in here. It's probably the first place I'll look for material during a build.
I'd advise any modeller to have a similar piece of equipment.

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