Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hawk Pt 27

 If I stand back now, I realise that there is still a lot to do and most of it is fiddly. Working on the theory that it was easier do do it earlier than the instructions suggested, I soldered the nut onto the L shaped bracket. This is comparatively huge and will (if I get that far) retain the piece of PCB that contains the pick-up wires.
 The cylinders need folding into U, and then wrapped round the outside. The paperwork says to do the latter after they've been soldered onto the frames. This may give more to hang onto, but I thought it wise to get the wrapping done away from the main bit.The wrapper was roughly pre-bent and the jiggled into shape with  a pair of pointy pliers....
... and fixed using the tab and slot. One done.

And now, some music....

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