Wednesday 3 April 2013

Hawk Pt 5

I don't often recomend things outside of the blogs main subject, but this was delightful. a very human portait of a very talented man. Go watch.........
So far it's been fairly straight forward. I've built chassis in 4mm before, but these have been chuck the frames together, sort motor, fit wheels , off we go. This is different. This time we are into injun country (whistle theme from spaghetti western...). This time there are cylinders, and wavy outside cranks to play with. In other words, this is where I'm going to mess up.
First I had to play the 'file the bearings' game again to get them down to the thickness of the cranks and solder them in flat. The smart money said do this on the fret. (above)
 Then it got really silly. "File a flat on the 14BA screws" and "shorten the nuts". Can you see how small these are??? I had trouble picking them up. Again clamping in a vice won't really work so more filing away at the end of the fingertips was the way to go.
 Fingers shortened suitably, the bolts were soldered into the holes. The tricky bit here is keeping them square to the crank and I won't know if this is accurate enough until later on.
Finally I ground the heads of the bolts flush with the bearings. This whole operation is made more difficult as it feels backward - a bit like driving on the left - the theory is OK, but the brain is saying that it's wrong, i.e. the bearings feel as though they're back to front. I'll carry on with care.

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