Tuesday 7 May 2013

NGG 16 at Porthmadog

NGG 16

Back to reality after a weekend in N.Wales. The primary function was not railways, but as with all good intentions we ended up on three: The TR on Saturday morning, then after a visit to my good friend Charles we were dragged kicking and screaming onto the Corris. Sunday saw the same party potter up to Porthmadog for a ride on the (smaller) WHR and to sit in the sun at the end of the Cob watching the health and safety nightmare unfold at Harbour Stn.

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  1. That's not a H&S nightmare - it's evolution in action. People who don't realise that standing in front of large metal moving objects won't get the chance to breed.

    Seriously though, how many of those people who will moan about the "danger" also moan about the "nanny state". You get one or the other and personally, I can't see that a Garratt is any more dangerous than a large lorry. In fact it's safer because you know exactly where it is going to steer and the loco driver knows it is dangerous so pays attention.

    I say - "More cuff chuffs in our streets now!"