Monday, 13 May 2013

Post Salisbury exhibition

Unnycoombe N gauge layout
Interesting weekend. Lovely friendly show with gallons of tea and great company. Most of the paying punters are of the 'family' type and the show is deliberately geared that way, aiming to draw in newbies and encourage lapsed modellers. This is quite refreshing from the rather pompous attitude that surrounds some exhibitions that I've attended.
At the end of the weekend we waved Unnycoombe off into the back of a VW Golf headed for Farnham with it's new owner. I hope he's happy with his new acquisition.

If people will insist on colluding to send flowers on people's birthdays to a model railway exhibition then they can only expect the consequences.

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  1. Don't exaggerate, it wasn't flowers it was a single red rose.