Sunday 23 June 2013

Great Central Signal Box

One of the benefits of driving beyond the upper reaches of the M25 is that you can trip over things that would have been knocked down in the poorer areas in the South East. This box is marked 'Holton Le Moor' and I'm assuming that the building below that stands 100 yards to the right of the top photo is the station... only it isn't.

My Pre-grouping map states that there are two stations a couple of miles apart Holton (here) and Moortown a little further up. Both ( I assume) were on crossings as I was diverted over the other on the way home. The signal box seems however to have an identity crisis.
There are a couple more shots of the box if anyone wants them, but once again google insists on flipping the photos on their side. Peter Denny never had to contend with this...

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