Friday 27 September 2013

Svanda at Croydon model railway exhibition

Svanda at Croydon
I've moved... at long last. From the pokey house in the sticks to a pokey house in town. But that's me done now, no more Mr. Mortgage.

Next week sees the premiere of Nigel's Svanda at the Croydon show; details to follow or see the reduced paper quality press. this afternoon saw some final work on the pros-arch boards and a little scenic tinkering.


  1. That's a lovely little cameo shot, very nice! At last, after months of trying, blogger has allowed me to add you to my blog certainly has it's moments.

  2. Glad you've managed to move at last......good luck in the new place!
    Will be up to the Croydon show, probably on the Sunday so look forward to seeing Svanda in all its glory.
    CM doesn't seem to have changed its paper supplier to R. Swipe & Co. yet but I expect it'll happen soon.......
    See you at Croydon if not tomorrow at Worthing,