Monday 4 November 2013

009 bogie flat wagon

'Ladies and Gentlemen, in the blue corner the very exciting white tiles with anti-mould grout, and in the red corner the rescue flat wagon. A cleanish fight, not too much grout on the dressing gown, and despite the lack of super glue the rescue flat wins by a hair!'

...there  still being12 boxes of tiles in the kitchen, and here is the flat perched on TC with couplings stuck on with UHU. Despite it's length, being based on a Sandy River drawing from David Evans, it rolls round TC without hitting anything.
Any reason why this batch of Greenwich couplings has flaky blackening?


  1. Looks good (well the wagon does, dunno about the tiles!).
    Is this a recent batch of couplings, Chris?

  2. Bought at EXPONG.

  3. Ok, thanks will make enquiries.....