Monday 25 November 2013

Railcar 009

  A quick snap of the railcar - seats in and a boxy bit at the front, tram car style, which reflects the DHLR version. Photos/dwgs of this show two gear levers, what I assume is a clutch and a dirty great brake wheel. This I knocked up with a bit of rod and a steering wheel from a bus kit. Seats are 'saloon' style to clear the motor.


  1. Presumably most of the figures are that job to do when I get around to populating the Vienna tram for the pizza.

    The band room's the same everywhere, any work environment now has to be "squeaky clean" just in case someone gets offended by it.

  2. There is a nice quote in the movie Point Break.

    "The air got dirty and the sex got clean".

    Things go from louche to puritan and back in the turn of two or three generations.

    And may I suggest you reorder the list to 'booze, condom wrappers, fag buts and stained sofas'. I think that has a better narrative structure! (Slinks away looking sheepish).