Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Nothing to do with U2  musos, but the new 'project' layout.
This is becoming, well not a bind, but I do want to get it finished without it dragging. Essentially it's a larger version of Garn at 1' x45" or if you could read the writing ( if Google hadn't insisted on putting the photo upside down) 1,140 x 305mm. Nothing startling so far, the basic stock roster of one coach, one loco, one wagon, one railcar is done plus all the buildings and here a basic Gammon End track layout has been formed on the usual bomb-proof 6mm MDF carpentry.

I was gong to put the point control switches at the rear as in recent builds, but Nigel whispered in my ear about it possibly becoming the start point for a 'round the room' plan. Not sure about that, but if I did, then putting controls at the rear would be a no no. And anyway Garn worked fine at shows with the controls dumped in the front of the board as shown here.


  1. It looks interesting Chris. What is the theme of the layout going to be? And I think I see a single backscene, wil you put more round the sides or leave it open?

  2. 1920s light railway. No open both ends.